Cosmetic Dentistry

Each individual is born with teeth that have certain predetermined characteristics.  Just as hair and eye color are genetically passed down so are inherited teeth properties like color, shape , size and number of teeth.  Fortunately with today’s technology an undesirable smile can be modified in many ways in a reasonable amount of time.  From simply whitening in an hour to creating an entire facade of new cosmetic teeth patients can accomplish alterations to mask the unwanted and produce the beautiful.  If someone has aspired to change the appearance of their teeth to increase self-esteem and confidence American Family Dental would like to help you.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services:

  1. Cosmetic Crowns
  2. Cosmetic Fixed Dental Bridges
  3. Cosmetic Veneers
  4. Full Mouth Reconstruction
  5. Whitening
  6. Cosmetic Gum Removal