Improve Your Total Health, Not Just Your Dental Health, in Dallas, TX

A healthy smile is one you’re happy to show off. But it’s also an important part of your overall health. At American Family Dental, Dallas, TX dentist Dr. Cary Shatto focuses not just on improving the condition of your teeth but also on keeping your whole body healthy.

Treatments like the following make your teeth look and feel great and also make it easier to keep them free of harmful bacteria that research has linked to serious conditions like diabetes:

Our comprehensive services also include treatments not directly related to the condition of your teeth, including sleep apnea treatment and treatment for TMJ disorders. To visit a dentist who is committed to improving your total health, not just your dental health, call 214-340-4965.

You’ll find our office in northeast Dallas, near the L Streets and Lake Highlands neighborhoods. If you have children, we’re minutes away from Lake Highlands Elementary School, White Rock Elementary School, and Lake Highlands High School. With appointments available as early as 7:30 a.m. on Fridays, you can schedule visits before school.

Unlike some larger practices, you’ll see the same folks every time you come in. Getting to know you helps us serve you better!

Enjoy Convenient & Comfortable Care

At our office, we make sure your treatment isn’t just comprehensive; it’s convenient and comfortable too. You’ll find:

  • Bilingual staff, so you can speak with us in English or Spanish
  • Friday hours, to make it easier to book appointments
  • Light-filled private rooms
  • After-hours instructions for what to do in a dental emergency
  • Flexible payment options
  • Dental savings plan for uninsured patients

If there’s anything else we can do to make your appointments convenient and comfortable, just ask!

Forget About Dental Fear

Our warm environment, hands-on approach, and supportive staff are enough to make most people forget their dental fear. However, if you’re nervous about any procedure, you can also get one of two types of safe dental sedation. Inhaled sedation (“laughing gas”) is fast-acting and wears off quickly too, or we can provide you with an oral sedative to take before your appointment. You’ll arrive relaxed and stay that way throughout your procedure.

To make an appointment, call American Family Dental at 214-340-4965.

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