Adult Tooth Loss Tips From A Dallas Dentist [BLOG]

Today we want to talk about how to take back your life with dental implants, following an episode of adult tooth loss. Keep reading to hear more about the restorative dentistry possibilities that exist at American Family Dental, and then give us a call at 214-340-4965 to request your personalized consultation with Dr. Shatto. In short order, our Dallas, TX dentist’s office will have you enjoying life ...

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Why Try Clear Aligners In Dallas? [BLOG]

This holiday season, we think you should treat yourself to an orthodontic smile transformation. At our Dallas, TX dental office, there’s no reason you can’t attain a better smile, regardless of your age or background. We’d love to introduce you to a program called Invisalign that is designed to tackle crooked, crowded, and gapped teeth. Keep reading to hear the 5 big benefits of this clear ...

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Holiday Teeth Whitening In Dallas TX

If you are dreading the thought of flashing a yellow or otherwise discolored smile at all the upcoming holiday gatherings, we can help you turn things around with a cosmetic dentistry treatment that delivers a professional-level of teeth whitening. To get started on your autumn smile transformation, call American Family Dental in Dallas, TX today at 214-360-7261 or fill out our online form to ...

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5 Things to Do With Leftover Halloween Treats

You know candy isn’t good for your family’s teeth, so you don’t keep it around. Still, there are a few times of the year you have candy on hand – and this is one of them. The time is fast approaching when you’ll have costumed kids coming to your door for treats. Not only that, but your own children may go out and collect candy too. The result: leftover Halloween treats. Fortunately, ...

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Dental Implant or Dental Bridge: Which Is Right for Me? (Infographic)

If you want to fill a gap in your smile left by a single missing tooth or several teeth in a row, you can choose a dental implant or dental bridge. You can replace one tooth with either a traditional dental bridge or a single dental implant restored with a dental crown. For multiple teeth, your choices are a traditional bridge or an implant-supported bridge. Dr. Cary Shatto is happy to walk you ...

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Your Dental Insurance Benefits Are Slipping Away [VIDEO]

Two annual dental checkup appointments are normally part of a patient’s annual dental insurance benefits. If you have insurance, you are likely paying for it out of every paycheck. So, you owe it to yourself and your smile to make sure you are taking full advantage of our professional teeth cleanings and oral exams every six months. You can reference the video clip below for insights into how ...

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Extracting Teeth While Preventing Dry Socket [VIDEO]

At our Dallas area dentist’s office, we will do whatever it takes to keep you smiling big through every stage of life. Although it may seem counterintuitive, tooth extraction procedures are necessary at certain times for certain patients so that they save the rest of a smile. Check out the video clip below from the ADA to hear all about how to prevent dry socket following an extraction. Then be ...

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Would My Child Benefit From An Athletic Mouthguard? [QUIZ]

If your child plays a fall sport, visit your Dallas dentist to get a completely customized athletic mouthguard. Think your child would benefit from this kind of investment this season? Take our quiz to find out! When a mouthguard is made to fit your child perfectly, their chances for suffering a dental injury drop significantly! Call American Family Dental in Dallas, TX at 214-340-4965 or fill out our ...

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Find Your Healthy Smile In Dallas [VIDEO]

A dental checkup, every six months, will help you maximize your oral health at every stage of life. And if anything ever seems amiss, we can find a solution sooner rather than later, when treatments are more invasive and costly to render. The video clip below is from the ADA and by watching it you’ll see what to expect during your next checkup. When you are finished, be sure to call American ...

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Try Our Modern Cavity Treatments [VIDEO]

If you ever experience a cavity, you can rest assured knowing that we now use metal-free fillings to treat dental decay. There are several reasons for that. Mainly it’s because we think they are the safest and most visually-pleasing way to repair a smile. Take a look at this video clip from the American Dental Association for more information about metal-free fillings. If you have any further ...

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