Forget Dental Stress With Sedation Dentistry in Dallas, TX

Fear often results in flight or avoidance. That’s a good thing when danger is involved. It’s a bad thing, though, if dental fear leads you to avoid regular care. The result may be conditions that are more complicated and costly to treat. With safe sedation dentistry, you’ll be able to relax and get the care you need at our Dallas, TX dentist office.

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At our office you’ll find:

  • Two Kinds of Dental Sedation – Unlike some general dentists, we offer more than one kind of sedation so you’ll be able to choose the one best suited for your anxiety level.
  • Staff Familiar With Sedation – Dr. Cary Shatto and our caring staff will monitor you throughout your treatment, no matter which form of dental sedation you choose.
  • Bilingual Team – You’ll understand your options because we can explain them to you in English or in Spanish.

If you’re ready to defeat your dental fear, call American Family Dental at 214-340-4965. In addition to sedation options, our private operatories with skylights and music will help soothe your dental anxiety.

Use the Dental Sedation That’s Right For You

Some general dentists offer only one form of sedation. Every person is different, however, and so is every dental procedure. So we want you to have a choice.

Your dental sedation options are:

  • Inhaled Sedation – Also known as laughing gas, this kind of sedation is so safe even children can receive it. It takes effect quickly and also wears off quickly. You can even drive yourself home after a procedure if you’d like.
  • Oral Sedative – You can take a sedative before your appointment so you’ll arrive at our office already relaxed. It offers a deeper level of relaxation than laughing gas.

Dental Sedation Isn’t Just For Dental Fear

Dental sedation is great for soothing dental anxiety during procedures like placement of dental implants. But it has many other uses too. Using sedation relaxes you so you can get multiple procedures in a single appointment. It can also allow you to comfortably receive treatment if you have a sensitive gag reflex or sensitive teeth or if you have difficulty keeping your mouth open for extended periods.

To learn more about sedation dentistry, call 214-340-4965.

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