Keep Your Smile in Good Shape With Wisdom Teeth Removal in Dallas, TX

Wisdom teeth removal is often no more complicated than any tooth extraction. Sometimes, though, wisdom teeth are partially embedded in the gums, are blocked by other teeth, or are coming in at an angle rather than straight.

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Whether your wisdom teeth are easy to extract or a bit more challenging, you won’t have to worry. Dr. Cary Shatto has performed countless wisdom teeth extractions in his 25-plus years as a dentist. Your procedure will go smoothly.

In addition to an experienced dentist, you’ll have:

  • Complete privacy in our operatory
  • Local anesthesia and a choice of two kinds of dental sedation
  • Compassionate team members who know how to put you at ease

To see if your wisdom teeth may need to be removed, call our Dallas, TX dentist office at 214-340-4965.

Impaction & Other Issues Make It Necessary to Extract Wisdom Teeth

Impaction is a common problem with wisdom teeth. It simply means your teeth haven’t come all the way through your gums or are partially embedded in your mouth. Not surprisingly, this creates problems. It makes it easier for harmful bacteria to get into your gums and cause infection. It’s also difficult to brush and floss impacted teeth, which makes them more prone to decay.

Impaction also usually means your wisdom teeth are crowding other teeth. Like impaction, crowding makes it harder to keep your teeth clean, and it can also shift other teeth out of place. In addition, impaction can be painful.

We’ll regularly evaluate the position and condition of your wisdom teeth during your dental exams. Most people get their wisdom teeth in their late teens and early 20s. If pain, impaction, crowding, or other problematic issues are present, Dr. Shatto may suggest removing them.

If you have any questions about wisdom teeth removal, we’re happy to answer them! Call American Family Dental at 214-340-4965. You’ll find our office in northeast Dallas, TX, not too far from Lake Highlands High School.

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