5 Things to Do With Leftover Halloween Treats

You know candy isn’t good for your family’s teeth, so you don’t keep it around. Still, there are a few times of the year you have candy on hand – and this is one of them. The time is fast approaching when you’ll have costumed kids coming to your door for treats. Not only that, but your own children may go out and collect candy too. The result: leftover Halloween treats.

Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do with your surplus candy. Check out our blog for five of Dr. Shatto’s ideas. This also seems like a good time to remind you of the importance of visiting our Dallas office for regular exams and dental cleanings. If you need to schedule exams for your family members, call us today at 214-340-4965.

Put Leftover Halloween Treats in the Deep Freeze

Most unopened candy will keep for months in your freezer. Put leftover Halloween treats in an airtight container in the freezer. Thaw it out later in small batches when you want to treat your children – or yourself. Thaw frozen chocolate in the refrigerator. If you thaw at room temperature, condensation will form that can adversely affect the candy’s appearance and taste. Of course, some candy bars taste great when eaten right from the freezer.

Donate Them to a Worthy Cause

One of our favorite ways of dealing with leftover Halloween treats is donating them. Check with local nursing homes or homeless shelters or a Ronald McDonald House in your community. Or consider donating to one of these organizations that collect candy, then send it to our troops:

  • Soldiers’ Angels – Treats go to deployed troops, veterans, and wounded veterans in VA Hospitals. Look for a drop-off site near you on its website. You can even get a donation receipt for tax purposes.
  • Operation Gratitude – Get together with neighbors and host a collection drive for this organization. Check the website for instructions on how to make it successful and fun.
  • Operation Stars and Stripes – This all-volunteer nonprofit, which was founded in memory of a Vietnam War hero, sends care packages and letters to troops. Check the website for details on how to send unopened candy to its Georgia headquarters.

Welcome the Halloween Fairy to Your Home

You know about the Halloween Fairy, right? This friendly cousin of the Tooth Fairy can visit your home to collect leftover Halloween treats.She’ll leave money or a toy in their place. Most kids won’t even miss candy if they get something better in exchange for it.

Transform Them into Special Holiday Treats

You can use treats like candy corn and M&Ms to dress up your Thanksgiving table. Check out these turkey table decorations that use several kinds of candy, including mini Reese’s Cups. Make them in advance, or set up a station where guests can make their own. Leftover Halloween treats can also be used for gingerbread people and gingerbread houses at Christmas time. In fact, you can construct a house almost entirely from Kit Kats.

Trim Your Tree With Leftover Halloween Treats

You can make lovely Christmas tree ornaments with Life Savers, Jolly Ranchers, and other hard candies. They make pretty sun catchers too, since they look almost like stained glass with light behind them. You’ll need some heavy metal cookie cutters and a few other common household objects.

Here is how to do it:

  • Preheat your oven to 350°
  • Line a cookie sheet with foil
  • Spray the foil and the insides of the cookie cutters with cooking spray to prevent sticking
  • Fill the insides of the cutters with a single layer of candy
  • Bake 5-7 minutes to melt the candies
  • Remove from oven and allow to cool for around 2 minutes
  • Use a drinking straw to make a hole in the lightly cooled candy (for hanging the ornaments)
  • Continue cooling until the cutters are cool enough to touch, then gently pull them away from the ornament
  • Add a ribbon for hanging, and they are ready for the tree

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