Welcome The New Year With Whiter Teeth! [BLOG]

It’s never too early to think about New Year’s resolutions.

In fact, there are some goals you can accomplish before the countdown to midnight even starts!

You can visit American Family Dental in Dallas, TX to improve your smile and boost your confidence with professional teeth whitening treatment!

Welcome The New Year With Whiter Teeth!

It won’t be long before we’re toasting a whole new year, and you want to look your best.

Teeth whitening treatment at American Family Dental is a fast, effective, and affordable way to do that!

Here’s more about how we can give you a whiter, brighter smile as we celebrate 2019!

*Teeth Stains Are Too Stubborn For Store-Bought Kits*

Ask anyone if they’re happy with the color of their teeth, and they’ll likely say no.

That’s because it’s almost impossible to avoid at least a little bit of a change in the whiteness of your teeth over time.

Anything from health, medications, age, the color of your food and drinks, to lifestyle habits can all make your teeth look dull and dingy eventually.

So when you’re talking about years worth of built-up stains that stick to your tooth enamel, you’re talking about a problem that’s far too stubborn for store-bought whitening products to solve. Toothpastes and gels you find in stores contain very weak concentrations of whitening ingredients, not to mention one-size-fits-all trays and strips that make full, safe coverage highly unlikely.

If you really want to see results, and you want to protect your teeth and gums in the process, you should only rely on the skilled, experienced professionals at your Dallas, TX dentist office.

*Only Professional Teeth Whitening Has The Power*

The most significant advantage professional teeth whitening treatment has over store products is strength.

Only Dr. Shatto can provide the kind of treatment powerful enough to remove years worth of dark stains from your teeth. That’s because professionals have access to stronger concentrations of whitening gels you’ll never find in drugstore kits, toothpastes, or strips.

Another benefit of trusting our cosmetic team to whiten your teeth is safety. Whether you get instant results with in-office treatment, or take one of our customized treatments home to apply at your leisure, you can rely on safe application of our strong gels that won’t ooze out, make a mess, or harm your gums.

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It’s important to like the way you look, and your smile is an important part of your overall appearance. But improving it doesn’t require long hours in the gym or costly surgeries. It really can be as simple as a quick visit to your Dallas, TX dentist!

As easy as it is to get results with professional teeth whitening, you’ll wonder why you didn’t brighten your smile sooner!

Welcome the new year with whiter teeth and call American Family Dental today at 214-360-7261 or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

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