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At American Family Dental, we like to educate you about your dental health, especially the connection between dental health and your overall health. You’ll hear more about it at your dental exams with Dr. Cary Shatto. We’re also happy to address any questions you have between your visits to our Dallas, TX dental office. Call us at 214-340-4965 any time.

This blog is another opportunity for you to stay informed of news that can improve the health of your family’s teeth – and their overall health too. Check back frequently to read about some of the latest dental developments.

We’re kicking off our brand-new blog by highlighting some of the things that set our practice apart from others in the Dallas, TX area:

We’re a Truly Full-Service Dentist

When we say “full service,” we mean it. At our office, referral to a specialist is a rarity. From dental exams to smile makeovers, Dr. Shatto performs a wide range of services. They include:

Your gums are especially important to your dental health – and your overall health. Research has shown that bacteria that build up in and around your gums can travel to other parts of your body. So we’ve got a board-certified periodontist on call who can perform advanced gum disease treatment and return damaged gums back to health.

We’re an Anxiety-Free Environment

Dental anxiety is a detriment to your health because it may stop you from getting the dental care you need. We do everything we can to offer an anxiety-free experience every time you visit our office so you won’t skip dental care. Our completely private rooms are filled with natural light, thanks to our skylights. You can look up at the sky to relax and tune us out with music. If that’s not enough to keep you calm, you can choose from two forms of safe dental sedation.

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