Dealing With Dental Anxiety Helps Your Oral Health

Your tooth hurts, and you’re pretty sure why. You haven’t been to see a dentist in years. Yet, even now, you hesitate to make an appointment due to your dental anxiety .

You have a decision to make, and we recognize that it’s not as simple for you as it might be for someone else. When you have a fear of the dentist, making an appointment can be difficult.

Our team at American Family Dental wants to help make this easier. We take a compassionate, patient-first approach to dental care. We know that you are more than a set of teeth.

You are a person who deserves to feel comfortable when you visit our office in Dallas, TX. Call 214-360-7261 to learn more. Then you can decide if you’re ready to make an appointment with us.

Protect Your Smile

To keep your smile healthy, you need to brush and floss daily. You also should get professional dental cleanings and exams from time to time. No one brushing perfectly every time, so there is always a possibility that plaque and tartar are forming.

With professional care, we can remove that buildup (which can prevent tooth decay and gum disease). Your checkups also give us a better chance of finding problems in the early stages, before you are teeth with a painful dental emergency such as an infected tooth.

You can take comfort in knowing that we’ve treated numerous anxious patients at our office over the years. We feel confident we can help you relax to get the care that you need, too.

Find What Works For You

Our people are the first part of our patient-first approach. Every member of our team wants you to feel as comfortable as possible during your time with us. You’ll feel their compassion.

We’ve also added some amenities that many people have told us have helped them relax. Our patient care rooms are private. Each room has a skylight, so you can enjoy the benefit of natural light during your appointment.

And know that can always as questions about what we are doing at any time. Many people find knowledge about their treatments comforting.

From our experience, we also know that some patients need additional help to feel at ease in a dental chair. That’s why we offer sedation dentistry as well.

You have the option of either inhaled sedation (laughing gas) or oral sedation (medication) at our office. Both will help you remain calm. They also have pain-blocking benefits, so you can rest assured that whatever care you receive won’t be painful.

Talk To Us

Dental anxiety happens for a number of reasons. You may have had a bad experience when you were younger or heard about someone else’s bad experience. Before you make an appointment, please talk to us about your concerns. Let us work with you to make your return to the dentist as beneficial as it can be.

Call American Family Dental in Dallas, TX today at 214-360-7261 or fill out our online form to contact us.

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