Electronic toothbrush: A great weapon against plaque formation

dentist Dallas TX electronic toothbrushBrushing and flossing are the most important weapons against plaque, but the type of toothbrush you use can provide additional advantages. An electronic toothbrush cleans your teeth even more effectively than a regular toothbrush, making your visits to the dentist less stressful and your daily hygiene routine more effective.

Advantages of an Electronic Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth every day is a habit that’s been engrained in most of us since childhood. A traditional toothbrush is a great tool, and can significantly increase the health of your teeth and gums. However, most of us don’t use our toothbrushes as well as we could. We don’t brush consistently and, most importantly, we don’t brush long enough. Electronic toothbrushes offer a solution to these shortcomings.

Using an electronic toothbrush can greatly reduce your chances of developing tooth decay or gum disease. This type of toothbrush cleans more effectively and more consistently than a traditional hand-held toothbrush, and can also help ensure that you brush your teeth long enough to provide a thorough cleaning and sufficiently stimulate your gums. Many electronic toothbrushes have a timer that signals when you’ve brushed for two minutes—the time recommended by dentists to be sure your teeth are clean.

Why It’s Important to Fight Plaque

Plaque is a sticky white substance produced by the bacteria that naturally live in your mouth. It is highly acidic, and if allowed to build up, it changes into tartar, a much harder substance that is more difficult to remove from your teeth. Plaque can be removed with a toothbrush; tartar requires a visit to the dentist for effective removal.

When plaque and tartar build up on your teeth, their high acid content allows them to eat through even the hard tooth enamel. If bacteria enters the soft tooth interior, known as the pulp, it can become infected, leading to severe discomfort. Decay can also spread to other teeth, causing widespread damage that can eventually lead to tooth loss. Regular use of your electronic toothbrush and visits to your dentist can help prevent this kind of damage.

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